Foil Stamping

Few printing processes can bring a design to life like foil stamping.

The effects of foil stamping, especially when combined with our custom embossing or debossing services, reflect the attention and imagination put into your unique designs.  It is simply special.

At Locust Street Press, we offer various options for custom foil stamping as well as custom embossing services and debossing services. You’ll find your project vision pop to life with these services:

Custom Foil Stamping:  The fine art of applying a film of metallic, gloss, matte, or tint foil to paper. At Locust Street Press all foil stamping applications are completed on a Kluge press.  The process is done with heat and a foil stamping die.  The foil is pressed into the paper for a distinguished, and exceptionally special look.

Custom Embossing Services: The process involves raising the surface of the paper to a desired height.  It is achieved by using a male and female die.  For the best results, we prefer to use an old fashion heat process.  Blind and register embossing is available.

Custom Debossing Services:  This process of debossing, the opposite of embossing, involves depressing the surface of the paper to a desired depth by also using a male and female die.  Blind and register debossing is available.

As always, we provide a free quote for all custom foil stamping, embossing and debossing services done at our shop. Please note that die charges are additional, and depth and stock samples must kindly be provided at the time of quoting.

A few more points that make our shop unique:custom foil stamping and debossing

  • Our services make use of equipment dating back to 1890 — providing beautiful printed products all these years later.
  • We provide services most other trade printers cannot:  custom die cutting services, custom foil stamping, letterpress business card printing, custom embossing services and more.
  • All work we provide is done by hand and delivered in a timely fashion.
  • Everything at our shop is made with hard work, artistry and, most important of all, love.

At our old-fashioned print shop, our custom foil stamping and custom embossing or debossing services are carried out with care and craftsmanship. Each application is done by hand and inspected in our shop to ensure results that are distinctive and unique. With Locust Street Press, you get more than just quality printing.

You get a product that unites modern-day techniques with old-world charm.