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How We Make.

Posted by on July 06, 2016 in Die Cut, Foil Stamp, Letterpress, Print Shop | Comments Off on How We Make.

How We Make.   I guess it is a play off of the well-known television program, How It’s Made.  So, let us explain.  Our friends at First Free Rockford asked if they could use our print shop to film their current series entitled Life Is More.  So fun, right?  They made us a little film with their extra footage.  I love it’s simplistic nature and yet, it speaks volumes to the old world printing processes that we use day in and day out.  We thought we would share it with you.  You will see our letterpress process first, foil stamping process second, and die cutting process third.  If you look quickly, you will see glimpses of the former social club/General Electric/bomb shelter building that we gutted to the outer walls and call home.  Enjoy!

Our hope is that this sweet, little video helps you understand the intricacies and meticulousness that is met in each and every project.  Our old world craft is truly a handmade art.  We love firing up our old presses and count it a blessing to be humming along down a sleepy street in the good ‘ole Midwest each and every day.

Special thanks (again) to our friends at First Free Rockford!